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About NIMS

Founded in early 2017, Neo Immersion Montessori School (NIMS) was established to serve diverse families who are looking for collaborative, hands-on learning in an environment with strong bilingual and outdoor Programs in early childhood education for ages 3-6 years old under customized teacher-student ratio. We focus on Neo Method® that follows the whole-child with an immersive developmental model integrated by the learning practice of Dr. Maria Montessori. This means our promise to parents the way we 100% devote to children in how they learn and what we teach in order to fulfill the prepared spacious homeschool classroom environment at NIMS.

NIMS's emblem represents three children from different cultures interconnect on the same common ground in love of being learners. We chose Neo Immersion as the name for our school because it symbolizes our new immersive values, and commitment to development of the child from all traits. Academics are highly valued — equally as is physical agility, cultural adaptation, nutritional wellness, artistic literacy, bilingual fluency, and character developments at NIMS. To further extent, we honor and nurture the child’s spirit, religion, ethnicity, and social-economic background as well. Our students who complete the 3-year customized Programs will take with them a foundation of personal, gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive skills necessary to progress with confidence in future success as valuable contributors in global communities.

On behalf of our experienced Team, I invite you and your child to visit Neo Immersion Montessori, and learn more about us.



Elina C. Chen

Founder & Executive Director

Neo Immersion Montessori School | 倪佑蒙特梭利學校

About Our Values

Our team members are caring, patient and enjoy working with the children at NIMS. Our administration remains mindful of our mission in quality of childcare services, strives for a standard of excellence and innovation in our programs. Our teachers adhere to our core values of inclusiveness, collaboration, integrity and accountability.  We believe in being inclusive, and endeavor to remove all barriers which prevent acceptance and accessibility.  We have a collaborative team which shares ideas and work together toward a common goal of providing the Neo Method® in a safe, nurturing and inspiring environment.

Core Quality Standards

The Montessori method of teaching aims to educate the whole child, ultimately preparing them to be self-directed life long learners and engaged global citizens. To that end, our school philosophy on assessment and accountability is based on consistent communication and sharing of goals between parents and teachers. Montessori education has a long history of careful observation and development of curriculum to meet the needs of every child. 

We begin the year with individualized goal setting between teachers and parents. Our focus is on the children, extending to the best way we can work together and ensure a positive school experience for them – both academically and socially.


How We Teach

Our Neo Method® is to educate the whole-child through the Montessori approach, which customizes the intellectual, social, emotional, food literacy, and physical wellness of each individual child. Low student to teacher ratios for individualized lessons ensure that NIMS students are learning at their own accelerated pace both indoor and outdoor classrooms daily. 

What the Child Learns

Academics are highly valued, as is emotional literacy and character development. We honor and nurture a child’s spirit, religion, ethnicity, and social-economic background at NIMS. Children who complete our progressive Programs take with them a foundation of personal, gross/ fine motor, and cognitive skills necessary to build confidence in future success.

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