About NIMS

Founded in early 2017, Neo Immersion Montessori School (NIMS) was established to serve diverse families who are looking for collaborative, hands-on learning in an environment with strong bilingual and outdoor Programs in early childhood education for ages 3-6 years old under customized teacher-student ratio. We focus on Neo Method® that follows the whole-child with an immersive developmental model integrated by the learning practice of Dr. Maria Montessori. This means our promise to parents the way we 100% devote to children in how they learn and what we teach in order to fulfill the prepared spacious homeschool classroom environment at NIMS.

NIMS's emblem represents three children from different cultures interconnect on the same common ground in love of being learners. We chose Neo Immersion as the name for our school because it symbolizes our new immersive values, and commitment to development of the child from all traits. Academics are highly valued — equally as is physical agility, cultural adaptation, nutritional wellness, artistic literacy, bilingual fluency, and character developments at NIMS. To further extent, we honor and nurture the child’s spirit, religion, ethnicity, and social-economic background as well. Our students who complete the 3-year customized Programs will take with them a foundation of personal, gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive skills necessary to progress with confidence in future success as valuable contributors in global communities.

On behalf of our experienced Team, I invite you and your child to visit Neo Immersion Montessori, and learn more about us.




Elina C. Chen

Elina C. Chen

Founder & Executive Director

Neo Immersion Montessori School | 倪佑蒙特梭利學校

What Our Parent Community Say


Elaine Yiu | 2018 to Present

Teachers care about the students inside and outside of Neo Immersion Montessori School – not only they consistently communicate about their latest developments in the classroom, but often provide support on daily activities and parent resources to successfully transition into home lives.


Jing MacDonold | 2019 to Present

It's already the 4th week of summer camp.  How time flies. Our son loves to go Neo Immersion Montessori School.  He is excited to get ready for school every morning, which is wonderful!  We are grateful for him to have this opportunity in the middle of this pandemic.


Amy Cheung | 2019 to Present

I want to express how thankful we are for our Neo Immersion Montessori School's Community. Thank you for continuously creating a safe space where our children can learn, play, and thrive.


Naomi Hamburger | 2017 to 2018

Thank you for the wonderful playdate arranged at Neo Immersion Montessori School's PlayNetwork Program. We love to spend time within the environment and see all the teaching and learning in action. Clearly, you've got a fantastic staff of educators!


Jasmika Leal | 2018 to 2020

Appreciate everything the Administration and Teachers do! Thank you so much!


Allison Capo | 2018 to 2020

We really loved the education, support, and kindness she received while at Neo Immersion Montessori School.  We saw our daughter's grow in confidence, get excited for learning, develop relationships with others outside her family, and just blossom overall.  We loved watching her learn from Chinese – Mandarin, Math, Art, and much more.