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Welcome to Neo Immersion Montessori School! Our mission is to nurture young children with quality early childhood bilingual education beyond our classroom. 


Learn more About Us, and take a look into Day in the Life how we vigilantly ensure essential health preventative care standards that align with the California statewide COVID-19 guidelines for children to safely learn altogether in our spacious classroom.

Elina C. Chen

Elina C. Chen

Founder & Executive Director

Neo Immersion Montessori School | 倪佑蒙特梭利學校

We are accepting 3-6 years old students starting March 1, 2022 for the upcoming academic school year of 2022-2023. If you are interested, please Contact Us to inquire about availability. We completely understand choosing the right school can be a challenging task for most parents during the public health pandemic period. To make Registration Process convenient, we encourage parents to arrange virtual tour prior to making Enrollment decisions.